Become a Volunteer Today

The success of our chapter rests upon the engagement our members and the efforts our volunteers. Volunteering for Ascend New England has a number of advantages:

  • Give back and pay forward. Your efforts will help build Pan Asian leaders in our community and help pave the way for Pan Asian students to launch their professional careers.
  • Leadership experience. You will have ample opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills and build your executive presence.
  • Non-profit organization operations experience. You will gain a ton of business experience by being in the grassroots operation of a non-profit organization, including Executive Decision Making, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Program and Project Management, etc.
  • Collaboration and networking. You will work side by side with other leaders in our community some of which could become your entry point into larger networks and opportunities.

We are always looking for talented individuals to help us drive our agenda. Your skills will be put into good use as part of our network of volunteers. 

Join our network of volunteers!

Contact us at to learn more or if you have any questions.