Special Message from the President

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our current environment, the impact it has on our community, and more importantly, ask you to join in positively advocating for our future.

We are living in uncertain times. Regardless of your political affiliation, Pan-Asians are affected by the events that are unfolding in our country. There have been several stories of profiling and overt prejudices, including the Fox News segment in NY Chinatown, NY Times editor Michael Luo's story, and the recent comments Steve Harvey made on his show about Asian men.  These stories brought to the surface the emotional pain that we suppress every day.  Many of our community took to social networks (such as posting our stories to #thisis2016) and retaliating in the media (Eddie Huang's editorial in response to Steve Harvey). 

The recent Executive Order and proposed legislature on immigration signify that Pan-Asians are at best misunderstood, diminished and overlooked.  This order not only affects our Pan-Asian immigrant community members. It can also change the landscape for visas for years to come. We must unite and stand tall to correct this thinking.

The New England area, especially the Boston community is made up of significant populations of Pan-Asians, many of whom are first or second generation immigrants and refugees.  Each year thousands of Pan-Asian students come to our schools in search of new possibilities and have continued to make significant contributions professionally, culturally and socially.  Events that are taking place across the country and influencing our society are negatively impacting Pan-Asians who call New England their home.

I ask you to consider positively advocating for Pan-Asians of our community in the following ways:

  • Share the stories of our contributions: We are immigrants or sons and daughters of immigrants.  We contribute significantly to the successes of this country.  We solve important problems at our businesses.  We make incredible discoveries in medicine and science.  We take care of those in need within our local communities.  We should be proud of our accomplishments and celebrate our achievements.  Take to social networks and media to celebrate us.  Nominate and vote for local Pan-Asian leaders so they can be recognized publicly for their value to society.  Show everyone the positive impact we have had on this country and the world.
  • Stand together and speak up: We are not invisible, voiceless model minorities. We left behind cultures and governments that forced us to be silent.  We have voices and we want to be heard.  Get involved with your community.  Be active in your Company's Pan-Asian Employee Resource Groups and join organizations, such as Ascend to bring to the forefront the diversity and inclusion issues that face our community.  Become part of the solutions.
  • Lift as you climb: The most impactful way for us to ensure Pan-Asians are treated fairly and with respect is to be part of local leadership.  We need to build our network and support one another along our career journeys.  We need more Pan-Asian leaders to be in the driver seats of local businesses and government to bring about change. Today's Pan-Asian leaders need to mentor and give opportunities to future ones.  Future leaders need to develop their skills, take greater risks, and build bigger networks.

This year, Ascend New England will continue to partner with local companies and community groups to bring about programs to develop leadership skills and to provide opportunities for networking.  We do live in uncertain times, but you can be certain that you can make a difference. You can bring about change by caring and contributing. Join us, become a member today, take part of our events, and expand our base by bringing others.  We need to come together and push back the tides that hold us back.

Greetings from the Chapter President

The New England chapter mission and vision is no different than that of Ascend National. We wish to develop Pan Asian professionals and students to become leaders. We will do this by continuing to deliver high quality programs and events that connect, inspire, and ascend participants. In addition, we will leverage online platforms to drive content and discussions throughout the year. It is our goal that we become a key enabler of success for Pan Asians in the New England area.

We are planning many exciting events for this year, and look forward to sharing with our members and supporters. However, we need your help to make these events successful. Help us create a buzz and spread the word about Ascend throughout your networks. Stay engaged by telling us what you need to support your success, coming to our events and bringing a friend or colleague, joining online discussions, and getting involved by volunteering your time and talent. I truly believe if we all work together to build this chapter, then we can achieve our mission and see more of us in leadership roles of New England organizations.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you to build our future.

Bartholomew Jae
New England Chapter President